The European optics market 2019 – what is the impact of high end products on market size and development?

By Till Herzog, GfK





The European Optic market in 2019 (Nov 18 to Oct 19) has developed positive with a growth of 2% in value.

The development has been driven by Spectacle Lenses and Spectacle Frames, both product groups account for 83% of the market.

The positive trend comes from Germany and the UK with a 5% value increase; France, Spain and Italy are weaker in their development.

While spectacle lenses grow in all markets, spectacle frames face a value drop in Spain and Italy. At the same time Germany and UK show a strong positive trend in frames.

In all markets where the trends for Spectacle Lenses and Frames are positive, a huge impact comes from a positive price development.

The question is now, what are the drivers of these price increases – simply rising prices or development of the assortment towards more valueable products?

For spectacle frames the countries with growing markets show at the same time an increase of the higher price segments, going along with a drop of private label shares.

For spectacle lenses all markets show a positive trend in price, which is driven by a good development of progressive lenses in all markets and a positive impact of proximity lenses,- still on a low share level though.

The highest increase rate is audited for progressive 1.6 lenses and proximity 1.6 lenses.

Also, contact lenses show a positive trend due to an average price increase.

Reason for this development is the increase of the toric and multifocal products within daily and monthly lenses.

The optic market gets its positive impacts out of an ongoing improvement of the quality in all products segments.