Sustainable and efficient – innovative technologies reduce waste, save resources and energy

By Axel Hoeschen, Schneider





No mass manufacturing consumer good industry today can afford to disregard its impact on our biosphere. Consumers today are much more sensitive, they attach value to the conditions under which a product is produced, shipped and serviced, both in terms of social and environmental impact.

We as one of the industry’s leading technology providers have an important responsibility to supply solutions to our customers that reduce the amount of plastic waste, of energy consumption, and of other hazardous materials that come along with manufacturing ophthalmic lenses.

I will present five key innovations out of different steps of lens manufacturing and how they will contribute to a more sustainable and more effective lens manufacturing. I will show:

  • How plastic waste can be drastically reduced with a new, highly productive and cost-effective spin protecting solution, replacing the need for tape and the associated waste,
  • How highly reusable metal shell block pieces reduce plastic waste and cost around our EFT blocking solution,
  • How new polishing technologies and materials increase the life time of polishing pads, reducing cost and waste,
  • How technology advances in the coating process drastically reduce energy consumption and -cost, and
  • How inline quality measurement reduces breakage, energy consumption and waste altogether

The quest towards sustainability will be a holistic, multi-level journey. Rather than one big solution, becoming sustainable will take many small steps that contribute. These steps can be taken independently and over time. Each new investment decision gives the chance to take a step into the right direction.