Personalization of PALs based on objective customer data

By Andreas Kelch, Vivior





As visual behaviour becomes more complex due to changes in our lifestyle and the increased use of digital media, the demand for personalized vision solutions in ophthalmology and optometry is growing.

To date, the methods used to analyse presbyopia solutions have shown numerous shortcomings.

A new technology helps eye care professionals to provide customers with an objective description of their individual visual behaviour. A monitor in conjunction with algorithms is used to create a comprehensive and objective evaluation of the customer’s visual behaviour that complements the anamnesis. The software creates an intuitive visualization of the visual behaviour of the customer by analysing the data that was gathered over the measurement time period. This is shown in the form of a vision profile. The vision profile is divided into three visual distances: near, intermediate, and far, with each range being assigned a percentage proportion. Based on the percentages of the visual profile and potential additional information on viewing angle, head position etc., the software calculates the personalised design of the PAL. In the lecture I will show how this approach is used to produce high quality progressive lenses that meet the demands of the digital working world.