Meeting market requirements from fast coating solutions to premium processes

By Xavier Pérez, Bühler





The current ophthalmic market demands specific coating solutions to meet sustainability requirements. In this lecture, several solutions will be presented in order to tackle that demand in different ways: process, energy management and IoT.

Newly launched processes address sustainability through two different approaches. On the one hand, a very fast process allows for an unmatched batch time of less than 23 minutes in order to minimize the carbon footprint of each lens.

On the other hand, a new benchmark for highly scratch resistant and durable coating solutions, allows for a longer lifetime of the eyeglasses. The end user can therefore keep his/her glasses for a longer period of time, hence saving energy by not having a new pair produced and avoiding unnecessary waste.

Eco-mode functions on machines allow for a potential energy savings of up to 40%. Some machines can even benefit from an extra 25% energy saving using an intelligent control of the heater power, more energy efficient parts and effective insulations.

Finally, IoT tools support sustainability. Using such services, customers can increase dynamically and instantly their yield, therefore minimizing wastes and energy consumption. A yield increase of 1% can help save several hundreds of kilos of plastic each year.