MAFO – The Conference 2020

Topics & Speakers

MAFO – The Conference 2020

Special topic: Smart & Sustainable

Chairman: Peter Baumbach

  • Axel Hoeschen, Schneider
    Sustainable and efficient – innovative technologies reduce waste, save resources and energy
  • Xavier Pérez, Bühler
    Meeting market requirements from fast coating solutions to premium processes
  • Michael Kreis, Satisloh
    Sustainability 4.0: eco-efficient with alloy free blocking and MES
  • Norman Kester, Quantum Innovation
    Technology and sustainability? A manufacturer’s journey
  • Mo Jalie, University Ulster
    Advanced single vision lenses – best form for distance and near
  • Till Herzog, GfK
    The European optics market 2019 – what is the impact of high end products on market size and development?
  • Jamal El-Hindi, Filtertech
    Going green while saving green: environmental solutions that save your lab money
  • Ulrich Schiefer  & Judith Ungewiß, Aalen University
    A driving simulator as a tool for benchmarking optical lenses
  • Orwell Wan, BD8 Ecoplastics
    Revolutionary sustainable eyewear solution
  • Eva Chamorro, IOT
    How do lens manufacturing errors matter in wearer satisfaction?
  • Fritz Paßmann, HWK Dortmund
    Achieving a prismatic effect on eyeglass lenses: optometrists vs. industry – the optician between industry and end user. How good is his advice on prismatic lenses?
  • Andreas Kelch, Vivior
    Personalization of PALs based on objective customer data

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February 28, 2020
(the day before Mido)


Fiera Milano Rho in Milano/ Italy