Going green while saving green: environmental solutions that save your lab money

By Jamal El-Hindi, Filtertech





How we manufacture can literally change the world. As we learn more about how these changes affect our environment, not only in our day to day lives, but on a global scale, we are faced with some harsh realities. Manufacturers today are faced with tough decisions about their manufacturing process and the waste they create. Sustainable manufacturing is how we can manage these harsh realities and build safer and better processes to minimize our negative environmental impacts.

Optical labs across the industry are currently looking for efficient ways to streamline production while reducing waste. Ideally, every lab could do more to help reduce their environmental impact, but at what cost?

Who takes on the responsibility to make better changes for our world? How do we compete on the global scale when regulations differ across the globe? How do we decrease our ecological footprint while remaining competitive with those who don’t? We can’t expect major changes to happen at no cost, but sustainable manufacturing is about increasing efficiency and developing smarter manufacturing practices that both save you money and the environment.