MAFO – The Conference 2022

Special topic: Future Lab

Experience the smartest way to produce a lens –

join MAFO – The Conference on 11th February 2022

With an optimistic view of the future, the MAFO-team proudly announces that MAFO – The Conference 2022 will take place on 11th February in Milan, one day before Mido.

Following the motto Future Lab, the program will cover several highlights that will be relevant for the ophthalmic optics industry within the upcoming years. From networked machines,  automation, sustainable production to lenses for myopia control.

Everyone from the global ophthalmic optics industry is invited to join the 21st edition of MAFO-The Conference and take the opportunity not only to listen to professional lectures but also to connect to colleagues in the industry after nearly two years without trade fairs and other networking opportunities.

Ticket sales will start on 1st November. Further information and the detailed program will be announced soon.

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Hanna Diewald, Chief-Editor
Phone: +49-208-306683-17

MAFO - The Conference 11th February 2022








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