Contour Fine Tooling appoints new VP of Sales & Marketing

Contour Fine Tooling, a global leader in single-point diamond cutting tool solutions, appointed Bob Cassin as new VP of Sales & Marketing North America and General Manager of its USA subsidiary.
Bob Cassin has been appointed per June 17th, 2019 as the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing North America as well as General Manager of Contour Fine Tooling Inc. Bob has been working with Moore Nanotechnology Systems in the role of Vice President Sales, Applications and Marketing.
“I am very pleased to welcome Bob Cassin in his new role. Bob has over 18 years of international commercial experience and a track record in growing sales and profitability at Moore Nanotechnology Systems. His international commercial experience, his extensive knowledge of our industry combined with his experience in management previously gained makes Bob the ideal candidate”, says Erik Boom, CEO of Contour Fine Tooling BV.
Jeff Tomlin will remain leading the operations of Contour Fine Tooling New Hampshire.

Successful Optical Innovation Summit

Successful Optical Innovation Summit

The Vision Council hosted the second of four events in their new Summit Series. The Optical Innovation Summit—held June 5–6 in Boulder, Colorado—gathered C-level executives and emerging companies in the vision care space to discuss the inevitable changes affecting optical retail. With the goal of advancing technologies and business models, participants attended a series of discussions, and ideation and reflection sessions, designed in collaboration with Bart Foster, strategic advisor to The Vision Council, that focused on opportunities in the industry, consumer trends and some of the challenges emerging companies are facing.

Foster led an exercise called “The Future Backwards,” where participants identified the current state of the customer journey, then worked backwards to identify the key events and milestones. The group then discussed the ideal customer experience and the steps it would take to create that experience. Emerging companies including DITTO, Hue.Ai, Pair Eyewear, Cognivue, Eyes4Lives, NovaSight and King Children engaged with industry leaders during the “My Biggest Challenge” session and received feedback on how to successfully grow their businesses in the ever-changing optical landscape.

Attendees were also given the chance to explore Boulder with hikes and walking tours offered throughout the summit, plus opportunities to discover the city’s famous Pearl Street. “It’s great to see the second event in The Vision Council’s Summit Series be so successful and this year’s Optical Innovation Summit was a wonderful occasion to engage in meaningful discussions,” said Ashley Mills, CEO of The Vision Council. “Gathering the industry’s top executives with startup innovators to dig deeper into the customer experience was a great exercise. I’m looking forward to the next event in the series, so we can continue this positive and productive energy.”
The Vision Council will continue their Summit Series with the Marketing Insights Summit, to be held Oct. 15–16 in Boulder, Colorado.


Coburn Technologies’ Velocity Spin Coater wins award

Coburn Technologies’ Velocity Spin Coater wins award

Coburn Techologies, Inc.announced that their Velocity Spin Coater has been named “Best Value Enhancer (Lab)” by the CiO VisionPlus Awards.“We are thrilled and honored to receive this award for our Velocity Coater, especially considering our focus on developing innovative technology for the laboratory market. The Velocity Coater has become the market’s preferred spin coating system, optimizing the yield in many of the world’s largest labs,” stated Alex Incera, President of Coburn Technologies.
This award is one of 17 awards given annually by the Cairo International Optical Fair’s VisionPlus Awards, landing in the Instruments & Equipment category. Nominations criteria for “Best Value Enhancer (Lab)” include utility, value enhancement, innovation and technology.
The Velocity Optical Lens Spin Coater is a fully automated industrial hard coating system that conveniently transports lenses utilizing a job tray, beginning the process with a multi-stage pre-cleaning system, followed by a secondary cleaning system, coating and curing, and finally returning the lens to the job tray. Velocity is also available in a stand-alone, manual version.

The Vision Council introduces new summit series

The Vision Council is proud to introduce their new Summit Series for 2019, facilitated by Bart Foster, strategic advisor to The Vision Council. This series of exclusive events will help feed the growing desire to better the optical industry and individuals’ careers through targeted events for everyone from future forerunners, to C-level executives, to marketing professionals and driven leaders. The Vision Council sees these summits as key to moving the industry forward by providing environments for learning, mentoring and networking.

The series events are as follows:

  • Fast-Track Leadership Summit (April 24–25) – Designed to inspire, motivate and educate future industry leaders, by providing critical tools and techniques to ensure a productive professional career.
  • Optical Innovation Summit (June 5–6) – Focused on interactive, hands-on ideation, where industry leaders will discuss and debate the inevitable changes affecting optical retail.
  • Marketing Insights Summit (Oct. 15–16) – A two-day hands-on session targeting marketing executives in the vision care industry focusing on marketing insights, customer experience, and industry trends.
  • Executive Leadership Summit in partnership with the Aspen Institute (November) – Intended for motivated leaders looking to build upon their skill set for personal and professional development to positively impact and inspire their teams.

The Vision Council aims to harness the energy and passion produced during the annual Executive Summit and develop it into exclusive and unique events offered throughout the year. These events will culminate with the 2020 Executive Summit, which will see an improved structure with the goal of giving participants a more enjoyable and valuable experience and leave with a strong directive for the year ahead.

“We’re so excited to see these events come to fruition throughout the year,” said Ashley Mills, CEO of The Vision Council. “It’s encouraging to see the need and want for these types of gatherings, and as the leading industry trade association, The Vision Council invites the responsibility to facilitate these conversations. We know that change is happening quickly, so we designed these events to help us harness the insights of those leading the transformation and identify opportunity for growth. We invite the leaders of this change to join us and help us craft, together, the future of the industry.”

EssilorLuxottica and Delfin sign settlement agreement

EssilorLuxottica announced that EssilorLuxottica and Deflin S.à.r.l. agreed upon a settlement agreement to overcome the governance issues and set the basis for a renewed start of profound collaboration between Essilor and Luxottica. The agreement settles any existing dispute among the parties.
The Board of Directors of EssilorLuxottica unanimously supported and approved this agreement aimed at immediately making the Group’s structure more efficient and effective from an operational standpoint.
The equal-powers governance, set forth in the Combination Agreement and the Board Rules, is remaining in place until the date of the shareholders’ general meeting to be called in 2021 to approve the financial statements for the year ended December 31, 2020.

According to the agreement:
– Leonardo Del Vecchio and Hubert Sagnières empowered Francesco Milleri (Deputy Chairman – CEO of Luxottica Group) and Laurent Vacherot (CEO of Essilor International) with the responsibility to develop and implement the EssilorLuxottica strategy and integration process, accelerating the simplification of the new Group by integrating the two operating companies within the next 12 to 24 months
– Mr Milleri and Mr Vacherot approved the appointment of key executives for the Group’s central functions
– Mr Vacherot has been appointed as a Director of EssilorLuxottica, replacing Bernard Hours, who has asked to be relieved of his office. He will also become a member of the Board’s Strategy Committee
– The Board confirmed the search for a new CEO. Francesco Milleri and Laurent Vacherot have informed the Board that they are not candidates for this position.

As a result of this agreement, all existing claims will be waived and legal proceedings will be terminated, including the request for arbitration filed by Delfin before the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce on March 27, 2019.

In light of this agreement, Valoptec decided that it will withdraw the proposal submitted on April 18, 2019 for the appointment, at the Shareholders’ Meeting convened for May 16, 2019, of one additional Director of EssilorLuxottica and will vote against the proposals submitted by certain institutional investors for the appointment of two additional Directors. The representative of Valoptec at the Board of EssilorLuxottica will integrate the Strategic and the Integration Committees of the Company.

As previously stated, the Board recommends that the shareholders vote against all the remaining proposed additional resolutions which, if approved, would result in a clear breach of the Combination Agreement and in a potential disruption for the activities of the Board. “I’m very pleased of this outcome. The industrial rationale of the combination is even stronger when looking at all the opportunities raised during the meetings of the Integration Committee. Today, respecting the equal power and the Combination Agreement, we have found a solution to better execute such strategic combination,” commented Leonardo Del Vecchio, Executive Chairman of EssilorLuxottica.
“With these decisions driving to a more unified company, EssilorLuxottica is well positioned to accelerate its growth in order to achieve its mission: to help people around the world to see more, be more and live life to its fullest by addressing their evolving vision needs and personal style aspirations,” added Hubert Sagnières, Executive Vice-Chairman of EssilorLuxottica.