Vision Expo extends free registration

Vision Expo extends free registration

Picture by iKHutchi on Pixabay

The Vision Council and Reed Exhibitions, organizers of Vision Expo, announce that free registration for Vision Expo East 2021, taking place June 2–5 in Orlando, Florida, will be extended indefinitely. The decision to extend the free registration deadline is based on the recent, notable spike in attendee registration. Additionally, given the recent announcements regarding new industry supporters, new exhibitors, and details on the programming planned for The Seen, including the EYE2EYE Series, Innovation Stage and the Career Zone, the extended deadline also reflects an effort by the Show organizers to give the community time to make their plans based on these new Show details.

“Due to restrictions on international travel, we always knew that Vision Expo East 2021 would look a little different than a typical, international Vision Expo East in New York City. Given these realities, it has been truly thrilling to have our expectations exceeded again and again—by the response from the industry, the enthusiasm from exhibitors and the momentum in attendee registration,” said Mitch Barkley, Vice President of Trade Shows and Events at The Vision Council, co-owner of Vision Expo. “With just four weeks to go until Vision Expo East, we are expecting to have at least 5,000 attendees at the Show, a testament to the demand for an in-person event from the community and the high caliber of our more than 200 exhibitors. Based on the overwhelming response we’ve received, we are extending free registration to give the community more time to take advantage of this offering.”

More than 200 exhibiting companies, of which more than 60 are new to Vision Expo, have committed to Vision Expo East. To view the list of exhibiting companies committed to-date, click here.
“What’s so exciting about Vision Expo East Orlando is that we are expecting a comparable ratio of attendees to exhibitors as a typical Show, just on a smaller scale,” said Fran Pennella, Vice President, Vision Expo, Reed Exhibitions. “While we won’t have as many exhibitors or attendees given the international travel restrictions, the density of exhibitors and attendees is still on-track to be the same as a typical Show, which is just incredible and speaks to the industry’s readiness for the first national trade show since 2019. We think it is appropriate to extend free registration so that everyone who wants to be a part of the first Expo in almost two years can do so.”
Vision Expo East’s educational program, together with OptiCon®@Vision Expo, will open Wednesday, June 2 and exhibits will open Thursday, June 3.

tooz DevKit, a pair of smart glasses for developers, is launched in Germany

tooz DevKit, a pair of smart glasses for developers, is launched in Germany

The tooz DevKit, a pair of smart glasses for developers, is launched in Germany. Source: tooz technologies GmbH

After a successful introduction in China, the first tooz Smart Glasses for software developers are now available in Germany. Since its foundation in 2018, the joint venture tooz technologies has worked on the further enhancement of its optical system and the integration into a mobile smart glasses solution for consumers.


Next generation of connected glasses

The international tooz team made the initial joint venture vision a reality: all day glasses with prescription option for consumers, connected seamlessly to a mobile device and enabling innovative use cases in a new ecosystem. Now, tooz can present the next generation of connected glasses: Based on an innovative optical platform, the company is able to offer cost-effective, seamlessly integrated and turnkey smart glass solutions.

In May 2021, the start-up launched its first pair of smart glasses for developers, the tooz DevKit in Germany – after a successful launch in China in 2020. By providing a collection of software tools, the developer community is given the opportunity to explore the potential of this next generation eyewear for day-to-day use and to create new and innovative apps.

“The tooz team worked very hard during the development phase last year. Due to the full support of both shareholders, we were able to overcome challenges and restrictions caused by the global situation. Today, we are proud to provide the next generation of our technologies to the community, with a clear hint that there is more to come soon.”, says Dr. Kai Ströder, CEO at tooz.


Exploring the smart glasses in conjunction with existing products, services and digital solutions

Companies and institutions like TomTom, adidas Runtastic, Else Kröner Fresenius Center for Digital Health Dresdenand many more are already exploring the tooz smart glasses in conjunction with their existing products, services and digital solutions. The aim of these collaborations is the development of a new and holistic digital ecosystem and the collection of valuable feedback for the final phase of the tooz product development process. tooz has the clear target to launch a serial product beginning of 2022.

Connected via Bluetooth to a mobile device, tooz smart glasses provide virtual content discreetly and only noticeable in the wearer’s field of view. The centerpiece of the solution is the injection-molded optical engine with its several high precision free-form surfaces. On basis of this innovation, tooz provides the only curved waveguide lens to the market which allows the integration of correction including individual prescription.
Also, UV/sun protection and photochromic options can be integrated, keeping all intended functionalities of current everyday glasses without compromises. The very light, robust and slim waveguide lenses can be cut and edged in different shapes of frame designs to meet individual style and design preferences of end consumers. In the future, opticians will therefore not only offer glasses with prescription, filters, and coatings, but also the option to upgrade them unobtrusively with smart augmentation provided by tooz.

Satisloh launches new polishing machines: Multi-FLEX-2 and Multi-FLEX-2E

Satisloh launches new polishing machines: Multi-FLEX-2 and Multi-FLEX-2E

Source: Satisloh

Satisloh launches its new generation of fully automated Rx-lens polishing machines. An excellent polishing process is integral to producing superior quality lenses. Because Satisloh continuously strives to help their customers reach peak efficiency and quality, they are releasing two new digital polishers so labs can choose the one that best meets their production needs.

• Multi-FLEX-2E features two independently-controlled polishing chambers with two tool spindles. This is ideal for labs just entering automation or looking to process up to 70 lenses per hour.
• Multi-FLEX-2 is designed for high volume Rx lens manufacturing lines with varied production needs. It provides full automation with three independently-controlled polishing chambers, each with two spindles and an optional tool wear monitoring system. The design allows labs to process up to three lenses simultaneously with different specifications, material, geometry, or surface requirements. Multi-FLEX 2 can polish up to 100 lenses per hour with the Satisloh Top Speed process.

“We are incredibly proud of introducing two new digital polishing systems to the market. The machines expand on the breakthrough polishing technology we developed in 2015 for the first generation Multi-FLEX units, installed in labs around the world and producing more than 300.000 lenses per day. With Multi-FLEX-2 and Multi-FLEX-2E we are further refining reliability, speed and the overall uptime. Both machines feature a revolutionary handling concept combined with redesigned components for even better polishing quality,” said Mark Hollmann, Sr. Product Manager RX & Industrial Finishing, Satisloh.

The Multi-FLEX-2 and Multi-FLEX-2E truly put flexibility first and offer full automation. They are the second machine line after the ART-deblocker-2 in Satisloh’s range of machines in their new industrial design.